Cookies Policy

In this cookies policy the term “cookies” is used to describe a piece of text which is placed on your device’s hard drive. Your browser will add the text in a small file. Depending on your device’s settings you may have to give permission for it to do this, or your browser may allow it to be done automatically. You should be able to change these settings through your devices internet browser.

The cookie, if installed on the hard drive, will collect data such as web traffic or what a person does when they visit a particular site. Cookies can also allow websites to remember your preferences for future visits and gathers information about your visit. We tend to think of our cookie use as minimal and we do not yet use cookies for marketing purposes. However we do need to use some cookies that are strictly necessary or performance related. These name and purpose of these cookies are set out below:

Google Analytics cookies for tracking anonymous site traffic statistics.

A session cookie which is used to keep track of a user’s visit to do things like determine if a form has been submitted or show a thank you message once a form has been submitted.

Most of the cookies we use expire and delete themselves after a set period of time, however if you prefer you can delete them using your internet browser’s options. We cannot use cookies to spread viruses or to gather personal information, for example email addresses. They cannot read anything stored on your hard drive and are designed solely for purpose.

Disabling cookies

It is your choice whether you allow us to use cookies or not. If you decide that you do not wish to use cookies you may disable them through your internet browser’s website. Disabling cookies will not prevent you from accessing our website but please bear in mind that if you chose to disable cookies then some of the functionality in our website may not work or display correctly.

Changes to our cookies

We may need to change the cookies we use from time to time and if we do so we will always try to update that information in this cookie policy. We will always do this should our cookie use change so that we start to collect different data or start to use cookies for marketing purposes. We recommend that you check beck here regularly to ensure that you continue to agree with our use of cookies.


This cookie policy is dated February 2013.